Some products can be ordered in sizes other than those in stock. It will be delivered in about one month from the order, but it depends on the product. Please contact us via LINE or Inquiry form.

■ Order flow

  1. Inquiries from customers
    Please contact us via LINE or Inquiry form with following info.
    - name
    - mail address
    - phone number
    - product name and variation
    - Pick-up method (delivery to your home or pick-up at the store)
    In the case of delivery in Japan, if the product price is less than 15,000 yen, a separate shipping fee of 800 yen will be charged.
    In the case of delivery outside of Japan, if the product price is less than 30,000 yen, a separate shipping fee of 3,000 yen will be charged.
  2. Confirmation of quotation and delivery date
    If the size is extremely large or small, an additional fee may be charged, so we will give you an accurate quotation.
  3. Payment
    We will send you the payment URL by e-mail, so please make the payment by your preferred method. We accept credit card / Amazon Pay / PayPal / convenience store payment (Japan only).
  4. Notification of product arrival
    We will contact you by email when the product arrives at the store.
  5. Receive goods
    In the case of delivery to your home in Japan, we will ship after asking for your desired delivery time zone.
    In the case your home is outside of Japan, we will ship immediately via EMS.
    In the case of pick-up at the store, please make a reservation from here.