unigem = uni + gem

unigem is a coined word that combines uni (only one) and gem (jewel).

We are now in an era where anyone can easily make and sell jewelry and accessories. As a result, as many brands as there are stars, it can be said that it is difficult to find something that is really good and that suits your values.

At unigem, we select contemporary young designer jewelry from Japan and overseas with an emphasis on "fashionability", "originality" and "quality" from such a large number of brands.

We have carefully selected brands, and most of them are brands and items that are only available at our shop. May you find your own unique jewelry, unigem, without being caught up in fashion.

Owner / Director

Saori Yoshida

He has loved jewelry since he was a child and majored in Western art history at university. After graduating, while working as a management / IT consultant at a consulting firm, he studied CAD design and metal engraving at a jewelry school. After that, he was in charge of marketing and press for the Italian luxury apparel brand. After gaining a career at a foreign-affiliated consulting firm, he became independent.

After becoming independent, he opened unigem in November 2019 while working as an IT consultant with major companies as clients.

I am often surprised by his unique career and appearance that is not like a consultant.