Aurora Stone Ring B-ring-SAI jewelry-unigem
Aurora Stone Ring B-ring-SAI jewelry-unigem
Aurora Stone Ring B-ring-SAI jewelry-unigem
Aurora Stone Ring B-ring-SAI jewelry-unigem
Aurora Stone Ring B-ring-SAI jewelry-unigem

Aurora Stone Ring B

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A rainbow aura ring with beautiful aurora colors and inclusions. It is a cool impression that suits the sun.
Rainbow aura is platinum on crystalIt is a stone made with a special technique of vapor deposition and coating. As the name suggests, when it hits the light, it shows various colors like a rainbow, but the base is clear, so it is an easy-to-use ring that does not choose fashion.

If it is about 2 to 3 before and after, it can be resized in about a week.
If you wishLINEPlease contact us at.

SV925, Rainbow Aura

Motif part: 2.3cm x 2.7cm 
Ring width: 3.0mm
Ring thickness: 2.0mm


For those who do not know your ring size, we rent ring gauge. (Japan only)

The wide design feels smaller than the normal ring size, so we recommend a size 0.5 to 1 larger. 

Japan Size ISO Size Inner diameter (mm) Inner circumference (mm)
#1 41 13.0 40.8
#2 42 13.4 41.9
#3 43 13.7 42.9
#4 44 14.0 44.0
#5 45 14.4 45.0
#6 46 14.7 46.1
#7 47 15.0 47.1
#8 48 15.4 48.2
#9 49 15.7 49.2
#10 50 16.0 50.3
#11 51 16.4 51.3
#12 52 16.7 52.4
#13 53 17.0 53.4
#14 54 17.4 54.5
#15 55 17.7 55.5
#16 56 18.0 56.5
#17 57 18.4 57.6
#18 58 18.7 58.6
#19 59 19.0 59.7
#20 60 19.4 60.7
#21 61 19.7 61.8
#22 62 20.0 62.8
#23 63 20.4 63.9
#24 64 20.7 64.9
#25 65 21.0 66.0
#26 66 21.4 67.0
#27 67 21.7 68.0
#28 68 22.0 69.0

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